Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles

XSmiles browser core.


Interface Summary
BrowserWindow BrowserWindowInterface is the interface for the browser core.
XMLDocument The XMLDocument is an interface for XMLDocuments, with additional functionality needed by the browser, such as transformation capabilities, extension handling

Class Summary
Browser Browser ties together all components, provides access to them and offers some general functionality such as error dialog and document retrieval.
BrowserID The BrowserID class contains extended functionality, for handling with issues arising from duplicate ids.
BrowserLogic Not only contains enumeration, but also browser logic, on what is done when state changes.
BrowserMLFCListener A Realization of the MLFCListener interface which ties MLFCs to the Browser.
BrowserTable An combination of the vector and hashtable.
BrowserWindowList Static list for keeping the browserwindow references.
DocumentHistory Stores the list of visited sites.
EventBroker Broadcasts events to the all parties attached to when an event is issued.
GUIManager This class manages switching of GUIs.
Launcher A dummy class for .exe launcher in windows
MLFCLoader Retrieves MLFCs for the MLFCManager.
NavigationState The "enumeration" values for the Navigation.
NetworkClassLoader The correct name for this class should be URLClassLoader.
Resources This class is used to get an URL to a resource, which can be either in the jar or in the development environment file
Version contains the version of X-Smiles
XLink Contains the data in an XLink and the functions required for the XPointer fragments.
XMLConfigurer Stores general browser configuration and provides access to read values.
Xsmiles This is the main class of the program.
XsmilesView An enumeration class for expressing the different views of XML documents.
XSmilesXMLDocument The XMLdocument is an object that can retrieve and parse a XML document when given the URL of the document as an argument in the constructor.
ZipExtractor Extracts zip files.

Exception Summary
XSmilesException The base class for XSmiles Exceptions

Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles Description

XSmiles browser core.

X-Smiles 1.2