Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.xforms.dom

XForms User Interface layer.


Interface Summary
BindElement XForm/Bind element interface, used by dependency graph
ElementWithContext An element, which allows context node changes to propagate in the DOM tree.

Class Summary
ActionElementImpl XForm/Action element implementation
ActionHandlerBaseImpl XForm/action handler's abstract base class
AdaptiveControl The XForms datatype aware adaptive control (e.g.
AlertElementImpl Hint element
BindElementImpl XForm/Bind element implementation
ButtonElementImpl The XForms/Button element
CaptionElementImpl xforms/label element
CaseElementImpl The case element.
ChoicesElementImpl Choises element
CompoundServiceImpl The base class for the XForm controls, such as buttons and textboxes.
CopyElementImpl Copy element The real functionality is in the itemset implementation
CustomControl Superclass for text component form controls
DeleteElementImpl XForm/delete element implementation
DestroyElementImpl XForm/insert element implementation.
DispatchElementImpl revalidate action implementation
DuplicateElementImpl XForm/insert element implementation
DynBoundElementImpl The superclass of all XForms elements that are bound to an instance node It will listen for changes in the bound element, as well as all changes to the binding itself, and will signal these changes up in the presentation DOM.
FileNameElementImpl FileName element
GroupElementImpl The group element.
HelpElementImpl Hint element
HintElementImpl Hint element
InputElementImpl The XForms/Textbox element
InsertElementImpl XForm/insert element implementation
InstanceElementImpl Instance element
ItemElementImpl Item element This is extended from DynBoundElement to get real context to child elements, since itemset creates them outside the DOM.
ItemSetElementImpl ItemSet element
LoadURIElementImpl loadURI element implementation
MediaTypeElementImpl Value element
MessageElementImpl XForm/setValue element implementation
ModelBoundElementImpl An element, which has ref expression in it and is located as a child of model, which means that a) no dynamic bindings are allowed b) model attribute is not allowed.
ModelElementImpl The model element implementation - ties together instance and schema - Listens for mutation events from the instance and initiates recalculate and revalidate
MustUnderstandAttrImpl With this attribute ev:event, it is possible to define event handlers without the listener element.
OutputElementImpl The XForms/Output element This extends the adaptive control to provide support for the syntax
PrologElement The superclass of all XForms elements
RebuildElementImpl recalculate action implementation
RecalculateElementImpl recalculate action implementation
RefreshElementImpl recalculate action implementation
RepeatElementImpl The repeat element.
RepeatHandlerBaseImpl the abstract base class for repeat's actions such as insert, delete and setrepeatcursor
ResetElementImpl revalidate action implementation
RevalidateElementImpl revalidate action implementation
SchemaElementImpl XForm/SubmitInfo element
SecretElementImpl The XForms/Secret element
SelectBooleanElementImpl The XForms/selectBoolean element
SelectElementImpl Abstract select element
SelectManyElementImpl The XForms/Checkbox element
SelectOneElementImpl The XForms/Select1 element
SetFocusElementImpl loadURI element implementation
SetIndexElementImpl setindex element implementation
SetValueElementImpl XForm/setValue element implementation
SubmissionElementImpl XForm/SubmitInfo element
SubmitElementImpl The XForms/Submit element
SubmitInstanceElementImpl XForm/setValue element implementation
SwitchElementImpl The switch element.
TestControl The base class for the XForm controls, such as buttons and textboxes.
TextAreaElementImpl The XForms/Textarea element
TextControl Superclass for text component form controls
ToggleElementImpl Toggle action element implementation
UploadElementImpl The XForms/Button element
ValueElementImpl Value element
XFormsControl The base class for the XForm controls, such as buttons and textboxes.
XFormsElementImpl The superclass of all XForms elements
XFormsEventFactory The factory for creating DOM event instances
XFormsEventImpl Implementation of the DOM mouse event

Exception Summary
XFormsBindingException XForms binding exception
XFormsComputeException XForms compute exception
XFormsException XForms exception
XFormsLinkException XForms binding exception
XFormsMustunderstandException XForms binding exception
XFormsSubmitException XForms binding exception

Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.xforms.dom Description

XForms User Interface layer.

X-Smiles 1.2