extended byfi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.MLFC
      extended byfi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.xbl2.XBLMLFC
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class XBLMLFC
extends MLFC

This class represents XBLMLFC that creates all the XBL specific elements. When the XML parser notices that there are XBL elements in the XML file, the XML parser creates an XBLMLFC and calls the method createElementNS for each XBL element inside the host document and thus creates the XBL DOM.

Mikko Vestola

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.MLFC
contentHandler, controlsShown, title
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 org.w3c.dom.Element createElementNS(org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl doc, java.lang.String ns, java.lang.String tag)
          This method creates the XBL DOM elements and returns them.
 void start()
          This method starts the XBL "presentation".
 void stop()
          Stops the MLFC.
Methods inherited from class fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.MLFC
commitUpdateTransaction, createAttributeNS, get, getContainer, getContentHandler, getLocalname, getMLFCController, getMLFCListener, getMLFCParameters, getResourceReferencer, getTitle, getVersion, getXMLDocument, init, initMLFC, isHost, isPrimary, pause, rollbackUpdateTransaction, setContainer, setContentHandler, setHost, setMLFCListener, setMLFCParameters, setTitle, setXMLDocument, setZoom, startMLFC, startUpdateTransaction, stopMLFC
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Constructor Detail


public XBLMLFC()
Constructor. Creates the XBLMLFC.

Method Detail


public org.w3c.dom.Element createElementNS(org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl doc,
                                           java.lang.String ns,
                                           java.lang.String tag)
This method creates the XBL DOM elements and returns them. It is called by the XML parser for each XBL element that is inside the document.

createElementNS in class MLFC


public void start()
This method starts the XBL "presentation".

Specified by:
start in class MLFC


public void stop()
Stops the MLFC. For now, doesn't do anything interesting.

Specified by:
stop in class MLFC

X-Smiles 1.2