Uses of Class

Packages that use DirectDevice Input/Output MLFC. Direct access to Joystick, mouse and keyboard. 

Uses of DirectDevice in

Methods in with parameters of type DirectDevice
 void JoystickElementImpl.joystickChanged(DirectDevice dev)
 void InterfaceTest.joystickChanged(DirectDevice dev)
 void InterfaceTest.keyboardChanged(DirectDevice dev)

Uses of DirectDevice in

Subclasses of DirectDevice in
 class DirectDeviceWin
          Win32 platform DirectDevice class to read joystick, mouse and keyboard.

Methods in that return DirectDevice
static DirectDevice DirectDevice.createInstance()
          Create a instance of the DirectDevice class - platform dependent class is returned.

Methods in with parameters of type DirectDevice
 void KeyboardListener.keyboardChanged(DirectDevice keyboard)
          Called when keyboard keys change state.
 void JoystickListener.joystickChanged(DirectDevice joystick)
          Called when joystick axises or buttons are changed.

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