Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.met

Class Summary
BrowserTab A Component that goes into the tab of the Met GUI Basically it attached a listener to the browserwindow provides an area for the mlfc controls, and shows if the browser is loading/resting
GUIImpl Base class for both MetouiaGUI and BrowserTab (both offer the same contentHandlers etc, but the BrowserTab doesn't do the Tabbing or frame also this takes care of adding and removing tabs
MAnimate A component for displaying a the nice animation that indicates document being loaded.
Metouia A GUI using the BrowserWindow as a toolkit, instead of integrating directly to it 100% Swing, currently using the metouia style
MetStylesheetMenu A Menu for Metouia tabbed GUI for switching Stylesheets
MMenuBar MenuBar for Metouia GUI

X-Smiles 1.2