Class SimpleSwingGUI

  extended byfi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2.awt.SimpleAWTGUI
      extended byfi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2.swing.SimpleSwingGUI
All Implemented Interfaces:
GUIEventListener, GUIInterface
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public class SimpleSwingGUI
extends SimpleAWTGUI

This is a simple ABSTRACT GUI that does not use the OLD gui system. The idea is that it creates a browser window without a OLD gui system and then just gets the content area and adds it to itself. Actually the old GUI system is still created under the hoods, but it is only used to get events back... Anyway, this should show that it is easy to use the browser inside a container in a Java project. Note that some settings (e.g. the ComponentFactory) are set in the config.xml file. Currently this does not support tabs, so it is always one main BrowserWindow inside a AWTGUI. This should be Swing-independent. NOTE: SwingGUI extends this GUI, so that all changes here will be incorporated in both versions

Mikko Honkala

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aboutHelpMenu, actionContainer, backCommand, bookmarksMenu, browserWindow, configMenu, dialog, dialogClass, editBookmarksMenu, editMenu, exitMenu, fileMenu, forwardCommand, frame, goMenu, helpMenu, homeCommand, initialURL, locationField, menuBar, openFileMenu, reloadCommand, rootContainer, sethomepageMenu, status, statusContainer, title, topContainer, viewBookmarksMenu, viewHideGUIMenu, viewMenu, viewShowGUIMenu, viewSpeechMenu, viewXMLSourceMenu, xsmilesCommand, zoomFactor, zoomMinusMenu, zoomPlusMenu
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protected  java.awt.Container createContainer()
protected  java.awt.Container createRootContainer()
protected  java.lang.String getComponentFactoryClassName()
protected  java.lang.String getGUIName()
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action, addMenuBar, browserReady, browserWorking, createActionButton, createActionContainer, createBrowserListeners, createBrowserWindow, createListeners, createLocation, createMenuItem, createMenus, createStatusContainer, decorateGUI, destroy, getActionFont, getBrowser, getContentArea, getRootContainer, getStatusFont, GUIEvent, listenForWindowClose, loadLocation, openInNewTab, openInNewWindow, setDefaultWindowSize, setDoubleBuffering, setEnabledBack, setEnabledForward, setEnabledHome, setEnabledReload, setEnabledStop, setInitialURL, setLocation, setStatusText, setTitle, setXMLConfigurer, show, start
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleSwingGUI()
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getComponentFactoryClassName()
getComponentFactoryClassName in class SimpleAWTGUI


protected java.lang.String getGUIName()
getGUIName in class SimpleAWTGUI


protected java.awt.Container createRootContainer()
createRootContainer in class SimpleAWTGUI


protected java.awt.Container createContainer()
createContainer in class SimpleAWTGUI

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