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 class HaviButton
          Note: pcesar in Havi there are several kinds of buttons depending on the content they can be Text or Graphic Buttons For that reason a Graphic button is the first option in case there is no image, a text button is created
 class HaviCaption
          A caption object
 class HaviInput
          textinput line this is extended from SwingComponent, which will add captions and styling etc
 class HaviSelectBase
          Common base class for text components
 class HaviSelectBoolean
          An implementation of XSelectBoolean = a single checkbox
 class HaviSelectManyCompact
          Select Many compact mode
 class HaviSelectOne
          textinput line
 class HaviSelectOneCompact
          select one compact mode
 class HaviTextArea
 class HaviTextComponent
          Common base class for text components
 class HaviUpload
          The XForms/Button element

X-Smiles 1.2