Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.components.awt

The common components for all GUIs.


Class Summary
Animation A component for displaying a the nice animation that indicates document being loaded.
AuthDialog Auth dialog
AWTCaption A caption object
AWTComponent Interface to plain GUI component The GUI component package contains an abstract set of components that can generally be used.
AWTComponentFactory The default ComponentFactory which produces components, based on the GUI which is active.
AWTConfirmDialog Auth dialog
AWTContainer The only addition is add and remove Utilize the ComponentWithContainer, which already is a container
AWTCSSFormatter CSS specific operations on components
AWTDialog Auth dialog
AWTFileDialog The Swing file chooser component
AWTFocusManager This is the base class that is extended by FocusPointProviders
AWTInput textinput line this is extended from AWTComponent, which will add captions and styling etc
AWTLink Default desktop lightweight linkcomponent.
AWTPanel Class AWTPanel
AWTRange textarea
AWTSelectBase Common base class for text components
AWTSelectBoolean An implementation of XSelectBoolean = a single checkbox
AWTSelectManyCompact Select Many compact mode
AWTSelectOne textinput line
AWTSelectOneCompact select one compact mode
AWTSelectOneMinimal select one minimal mode
AWTStylableComponent The baseclass for the AWT implementation of the cross library GUI controls
AWTTextArea The only addition is add and remove this is extended from SwingComponent, which will add captions and styling etc
AWTTextComponent Common base class for text components
AWTUpload The XForms/Button element
BulletinLayout Lays out components as though they were pinned to a bulletin board, meaning:
ComponentWithCaption The base base class for all AWT & Swing components that have a caption
DoubleBufferedContainer DoubleBufferedPanel for eliminating the flash whilest drawing lightweight components.
GuiMenu A Dynamic menu for switching GUIS
ImageCanvas Image canvas is a canvas containing an image
InvisibleComponent A Component that by default displays nothing.
LinkComponent Default desktop lightweight linkcomponent.
StackedLayout This layout manager places all of the components the same size and places them at the same position.
StylesheetMenu A Menu for switching Stylesheets
XAComponent Base class for XSmiles AWT Components (XAComponents).
XADocument Interface to a xml media component.
XAMedia Interface to a media component Mostly unimplemented, waiting for binary functional component framework.
XAProgressBar A simple black progress bar, with invisible background
XWrappingLabel This class is similar to Symantec WrappingLabel class (a lot of copy-paste here).
ZoomMenu A Dynamic menu for switching GUIS

Package fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.components.awt Description

The common components for all GUIs.

X-Smiles 1.2