Uses of Interface

Packages that use Group

Uses of Group in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm that return Group
 Group CommSession.createGroup()
          create group object

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm with parameters of type Group
 void Groups.addGroup(Group group)
          Create a new group.
 void Groups.deleteGroup(Group group)
          Remove a group.
 void Groups.joinGroup(Group group)
          Join a group.
 void Groups.leaveGroup(Group group)
          Leave a group.
 void Groups.inviteUser(Group group, User user)
          Invite a user into a group.

Uses of Group in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.jxta

Classes in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.jxta that implement Group
 class JxtaGroup

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.jxta that return Group
 Group JxtaCommSession.createGroup()

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.jxta with parameters of type Group
 void JxtaGroups.addGroup(Group group)
 void JxtaGroups.deleteGroup(Group group)
 void JxtaGroups.joinGroup(Group group)
 void JxtaGroups.leaveGroup(Group group)
 void JxtaGroups.inviteUser(Group group, User user)

Uses of Group in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.sip

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.comm.implementation.sip that return Group
 Group SipCommSession.createGroup()

Uses of Group in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.comm

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.comm that return Group
protected  Group CommGroupElementImpl.getGroup()

Methods in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.comm with parameters of type Group
protected  void CommGroupElementImpl.setGroup(Group _group)

Constructors in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.mlfc.comm with parameters of type Group
CommGroupElementImpl(org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl doc, CommMLFC mlfc, java.lang.String ns, java.lang.String tag, Group _group)

X-Smiles 1.2